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ACGA Official Geocaches

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ImageThe ACGA Official Geocache is a member driven project where a fixed number of high quality geocaches are placed throughout Atlantic Canada.

The goal of these geocaches is to promote geocaching.

Each of these geocaches have been placed by volunteer members of ACGA, where ACGA has provided the following content for each geocache:

  • .50 cal Ammo Can
  • Write in Rain logbook
  • pencil
  • ACGA Quick Guide to Geocaching (for newbies) brochures printed on Write in Rain paper
  • ACGA patches
  • medium sticker

Here are the list of current Official ACGA Geocaches:

You can also view them on via this bookmark.

Hall of Fame

BPCachers (pictured seated) was presented with a special certificate and a full set of XLE ACGA Geocoins after he completed all five geocaches.

Current Hall of Fame



  • GC16J7B - 08-20-09
  • GC14JB0 - 08-24-09
  • GC13YGE - 09-02-09
  • GC13RF3 - 09-08-09
  • GC150FT - 09-21-09


  • GC16J7B -
  • GC14JB0 -
  • GC13YGE -
  • GC13RF3 -
  • GC150FT -