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Series Summary

ACGA and Fundy National Park are releasing on an annual basis, geocaching series along select marked trails. As incentive, there is a reward item upon completion of the series.

You will need a passport and the geocaches for each series, click on the following links to download the listings to your GPS.

  • 2010 Challenge Series - The caches are still available and the reward item for this series is still available (only 50 coins remain as of April 24 2012).
  • 2011 Challenge Series -- The caches are still available, however the specific reward item for this series is sold out.


May 15 2012 - Passport is ready for download

You can download the passport HERE, note that the coords won't be released until event day.

April 24 2012 - 2009 Series Has Been Archived

The cache from the 2009 series has been archived with the exception of Eel Deal (Along Foster Brook trail). As part of the program, we keep the most difficult geocache from each series out for a little longer.

The only remaining geocoins available are from the 2010 series with 50 remaining as of today.


March 30 2012 - Event Listed on gc.com

The event listing has been published on geocaching.com, you can click HERE to view the listing (GC3F6BQ).


Changes For 2012 Event

For this year, ACGA has passed over on-site organization of the event & new caches to CacheUpNB. For the last two years, the group has assisted ACGA on event day and it makes sense for the 5th year to have them take more of an active role.

ACGA will continue to own the listings prior to 2012. However look for the event & cache listings under CacheUpNB.

Work has begun to work with the park to organize the event. A number of staff changes at the park is delaying the normal details, but expect to see more around mid-april.


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2011 Event Summary

The weekend started off with a bang, CacheUpNB hosted a NB hospitality event Saturday night for the geocachers who were camping at the park over the weekend. The logbook had well over 50 names which represented a much larger number of people camping at the park from previous years.

The next morning, the event started on time, however a number of geocachers started their day very early. The geocaches that were part of the series were published late Saturday night. Some started to get up at 4am to post their logs around 8:30am.

174 people signed in at the group site (event base). The weather was cooler and a little more wet than the previous two years, but that did not hinder anybody.

Only one issue came up, one of the containers went missing a few hours after the event officially started, down at the bottom of the Kinnie Brook trail. The container was replaced later that day and those who attempted the cache while it was missing got a credit.

The reward item (geotoken) was a wooden non trackable token made in Dartmouth, NS. The coin was larger than with previous years and the design celebrated the theme: Wings Over Fundy.

As usual, feedback was sought out and received. Changed will be in effect for next year.

Thanks to rev slippery, lost geeks, dragonfly and tonkin for providing event day support.


2011 Event - May 22 @ 10am-3pm - Group Shelter #3 & 4 Chignecto South

May 19 2011

Check this link for the latest trail conditions.

May 18 2011

The preview video has been posted, this will give you an idea what sights you will encounter and possibly some minor spoilers as some locations might be difficult due to reception.


Also for those camping during the weekend, there will be a NB Hospitality event, hosted by CacheUpNB. Orienteering NB will also have a night event at group site #1.


May 13 2011

The placement for the 5 geocaches will occur over the next few days. After which a short preview video will be posted along with distance & time estimates. All geocaches will be placed along established trails and will be accessible from the trail (your feet won't leave the trail).

In the meantime, the 2011 passport is available for download: ENGLISH or FRENCH

The geocache listings will be published during the evening of MAY 21 2011. This will allow participants to download the coordinates onto your GPS and start event day early. There will be a sheet listing the coordinates at the event base for those camping during the weekend and don't have wireless service. That means that you will be able to start anytime on event day and check-in at event base anytime during the event (10 am-3 pm). We're doing this so that participants can come to event base at various times during the event, this will spread out the number of people at the cache locations as compared to everybody starting at the same time.

For newbies, there will be a hands on intro to geocaching (based on demand) with an excursion to a nearby demo geocache.

The 2011 Geocaches are:

  • Logging Legacy - (History of logging in Fundy). This is a 2km round trip hike over easy terrain where boardwalk is the majority of the trail. Oh, did I mention the steps? Yes, easy on the way down, but might be a tad harder on the return trip. Lots of scenic views on this one.
  • The Fog Forest - (Acadian Forest General Information). This should be a 3km round trip hike over good trails with some incline & stairs to traverse.
  • Caught on Camera - (Pine Marten Research and the Pine Marten as a biological indicator for mature forest health). This is another easy hike. Close to Headquarters, you will have to walk around a less used area of the park. You will see a number of infrastructure items that used to be part of the park history along with a nice view. Depending on the parking location you will choose you are looking at 1km round trip.
  • Hug a Tree - (Trees and all the do for us). This is an easy one, we recommend parking at Tippenlot for this one. The point of this cache is for you see the  project once you get close to the cache. Length of the hike will be around 1km round trip
  • Wings over Fundy - (Birds of Fundy and their relationship with the trees). This is moderate to hard trail over large rocks. Wear hiking boots. There are two trailheads to access this cache. Hiking distance will vary from 4.6 - 7 kms round trip. Rock hoping will be required to get to the final location. Take your time as you are looking at 2-3 hours.



March 29 2010

The event listing has been submitted to geocaching.com and has been published for May 22 2011 (GC2QCHV).

Once again ACGA & Fundy National Park have teamed up to provide a geocaching challenge by introducing 5 new geocaches within the park to create awareness of the ecological happenings. This year, the theme is International Year of Forests. Completion of all 5 new geocaches will allow you to earn a new limited edition non-trackable geocoin.

The Event will be held at the Chignecto SOUTH Group Campground Shelter # 3-4 with parking at N45°36.120 W064°59.224. (Note: this is at the other shelter unlike previous years)

Event Date : May 22 2011

10:00am Event Kick Off Start,Welcome, Meet and Greet

10:10am - 3:00pm Geocaching demo & Hiking

3:00pm Closing

The geocache event will be located within the Fundy National Park. Please pay appropriate park entry fees.




1. The event time should allow participants ample time to complete the challenge in one day. However, note that you will be required to hike a certain distance and travel to various starting points in the park in order to complete the challenge. Please be aware of your limitations before starting and set your expectations for the day accordingly.

2. Geocoins will be on-site for those who return to the event base before the end of the event. Those arriving later can collect their geocoin at the visitor centre. Please be aware of the visitor centre hours on event day. Note that the geocoin this year is

3. The visitor centre will be open from 8:30 to 4:15 on event day. If you have completed the challenge, you may pick up your
geocoin there before returning to event base.


2010 Event

May 26 2010


Five new geocaches were published and the eager geocachers hit the trails. The reward this year was a special 60th anniversary of Fundy National Park, a non-trackable geocoin.

The theme for the geocaches this year was "water", each cache brought geocachers to selected areas of the park which hilighted this theme. One example was the geocache "Fishy Facebook" where the nearby lake was the site of a new fishway which will allow the fish to travel between the lake & river system. Or "What's Up Doc?" where geocachers were guided down to the site of the many waterfalls that are located within the park.

105 geocachers started their day at 10am, but during the next few hours, another 61 had logged in. Many decided to take advantage of the weekend to book camping site and do the challenge over two days. Over twenty participants were able to log all five geocaches during the event duration. However, it was hard work as many returned with red faces and that look of exhaustion which turned into joy once they redeemed their passport for the geocoin.

The conclusion of the event included prizes from Fundy Guild, The North Face (via The Trail Shop) and The Tides Restaurant.

The third geocaching event within Fundy National Park is being planned as we sepak. Both the staff at Fundy NP and ACGA are going over the details for this year's batch of geocaches and geocoin challenge. Note that the geocoin this year is non-trackable.

The visitor centre will be open from 8:30 to 4:15 on event day. If you have completed the challenge, you may pick up your geocoin there before returning to event base.

May 19 2010

The passports are available early this year. Please note that you are still required to check-in at event base to pick up the event sheet which will list the coordinates. Any further questions can be asked in our Discussion Thread.

Environment Canada Weather @ Fundy National Park

Our friends at the Trail Shop has donated some nice items as prized, courtesy of The North Face. Other prizes includes items from Fundy Guild, Environment Canada & ACGA.

May 12 2010

In order to help everyone to plan their day, we are posting the various trailheads that you will be required to start at. Please be aware of your limitations as the challenge may take you up to 6 hours to complete. Wear proper hiking shoes & clothing and bring water. Passports will be available starting on may 23 2010 at the event, then either online or at the Visitor Centre.



May 6 2010

As a added bonus to the day of activities, there will be a CITO event. Our friends at Environment Canada will be coming by. The CITO will take place after the event. GC27KG0

April 23 2010

The 5 geocaches have been placed, expect to take up to 6 hours to complete the challenge. This includes somehwere between 15-17kms of hiking. The shortest hike is a few hundred metres while the longest is almost 8kms over strenuous terrain. Please wear appropriate footwear.

April 21 2010

ACGA & Fundy NP Staff will be hitting the trails over the next week to place the caches for this year's challenge. The total distance of trails that users will need to hike will be around 15-17km. If you have any questions, simply join the discussion thread. Discussion Thread

March 26 2010

How special is the geocaching challenge in Fundy National Park? We'll it is one of the 125 Unforgettable Parks Canada Experiences to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Canada's first National Park (Banff).

March 18 2010

3rd Annual #geocaching challenge inside Fundy National Park launch event has been published (GC251X2) Be there!http://bit.ly/dpUjIt . You can join our facebook group event here. Follow us on twitter @acga

March 17 2010

The event listing has been submitted to geocaching.com and is awaiting review (GC251X2).

Once again ACGA & Fundy National Park have teamed up to provide a geocaching challenge by introducing 5 new geocaches within the park to create awareness of the ecological happenings. This year, the theme is water. Completion of all 5 new geocaches will allow you to earn a new limited edition non-trackable geocoin.

The past two challenges have proved to be quite successful as both limited geocoins have been distributed. With the growing number of geocachers coming to the park for the launch event & participate in the challenge there will be a few changes we hope will make the experience much better.


2009 Event Details

The second geocaching event in Fundy National Park gathered a record 165 (logbook signed) geocachers, making it the largest geocaching event in New Brunswick to date. With triple the expected numbers, the event organizers were partnered with the perfect weather in recent memory for opening weekend in Fundy National Park.

The total distance to complete the 2009 series of geocaches was approximately 10km, taking up to 4 hours to complete. About 10% of the total participants were able to log all 5 during the event. A number of geocachers also took the opportunity to log some of the 2008 geocaches as there were still some 2008 geocoins available. Speaking of geocoins, the new 2009 geocoin was a trackable wood coin, etched locally. The 2009 geocoin was a 100% locally produced product better representing the National Park and the EcoIntegrity project better.

While event organizers only planned on 60 participants, they were able to accommodate  the large influx of geocachers. However the event was not 100% perfect as those who completed all 5 geocaches were not able to get their geocoin immediately since they were required to go to the visitor centre to get the geocoin, rather than at the event base. The visitor centre was closed by the time most got back from the trail. This was an unfortunate bit of planning that was not expected, so the event organizers took the completed 2009 passports and contact information where the geocoins would be mailed in order for them in order to resolve the matter.

This along with other feedback is already being considered for next year's event.

Geocaches Related to this partnership between ACGA and Fundy Naitonal Park are (to be published on the 16th):


Please mark your attendance on Geocaching.com event listing page to assist planners.


About the Event

Saturday May 16th 2009, from 12:00-5pm.

Note that park entry fees are in effect since the event will be inside the park. Please refer to this LINK for fees. Note that the campgrounds will be open. Those who are staying over the weekend can reserve at Chignecto North. You can reserve online via Parks Canada website.

The Event will introduce you to The Fundy National Park and Five new Caches developed to promote EcoIntegrity. The Walkabout groups are designed to introduce the newcomer to the sport of geocaching, the importance of leaving NO TRACE in the Fundy national Park, and safety in the woods. Come and enjoy a day of discoveries and activities

Cet événement se veut une introduction au Parc National Fundy ainsi qu'aux cinq nouvelles géocaches placées pour promouvoir ÉcoIntégrité. Les groupes de randonnée introduiront le néophyte au sport du géocaching, à l'importance de ne pas laisser de trace (Sans Trace) dans le Parc Fundy), ainsi qu'aux rudiments sécurité dans le bois. Venez participer a une journée remplie de découvertes et d'activités.


Fundy National Park welcomes geocachers! Come explore with us!

Five geocaches will be published on event day. Passport can be downloaded HERE and will be available on event day. NEW GEOCOIN for 2009 (Year 2)! 2008 (Year 1) geocoins are still available. 10 geocaches = 2 geocoins.

Parking coords are: N 45° 36.120 W 064° 59.224
Event Base coords are: N 45° 36.190 W 064° 59.249

Can you find the geocaches in Fundy National Park? If you find them all, you earn a limited edition geocoin. With the help of the Atlantic Canada Geocaching Association (ACGA) five new traditional geocaches will be set at various locations in the park - but only available starting on the day of the event.

To participate, here’s what you need to do:

* Join (for free) www.geocaching.com (the official global GPS cache hunt website).
* Print either the Fundy Geocaching Passport version 2008 or 2009 from the website.
* Find each cache in the park (please stay ON the trails).
* Punch your passport with the different punch enclosed in each cache.
* Bring your completed passport to the park Visitor Centre to receive a 2008 or 2009 Fundy Geocoin.

Le parc national Fundy souhaite la bienvenue aux géocacheurs! Venez explorer avec nous!

Samedi 16 mai 2009, 12h - 17h

Pouvez-vous trouver les géocaches du parc national Fundy? Si vous les trouvez toutes, vous gagnerez une géopièce à tirage limité. Avec l’aide de L'Association de Geocaching du Canada Atlantique (ACGA), le parc a aménagé cinq caches traditionnelles à divers endroits dans le parc.

Pour participer, voici ce que vous devez faire :

  • Inscrivez-vous (gratuitement) au site www.geocaching.com (le site Web mondial officiel de la géocachette – en anglais seulement).
  • Imprimez le passeport du géocacheur du parc national Fundy 2008 ou 2009 à partir du site Web.
  • Trouvez chaque cache aménagée dans le parc (restez SUR les sentiers).
  • Perforez votre passeport avec les poinçonneuses différentes que vous trouverez dans les caches.
  • Apportez votre passeport poinçonné au Centre d’accueil du parc pour recevoir votre géopièce 2008 ou 2009 du parc national Fundy.

Les géocaches et la géopièce s’inscrivent dans le Projet d’écointégrité du parc national Fundy, qui crée différents moyens pour les visiteurs d’explorer la nature du parc et de s’en rapprocher. Amusez-vous bien!




Time / Heure Description
12:00pm - 1:00pm Event Kick Off Start,Welcome, Meet and Greet / Début de l'événement, bienvenue et rencontre des participants
1:00pm - 4:00pm Geocache release. Demo geocache
5:00pm Prizes & Closing / Prix de présence & fin de l'événement





2008 Event Details


Almost 70 geocachers from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & Maine gathered at Fundy National Park in Alma, NB. the purpose of the event was to kickoff the re-introduction of geocaching inside a National Park.

This was the first event of its kind where the ACGA and Fundy National Park worked in partnership to put together the event, five traditional geocaches, one Earthcache within the park boundaries and a passport/geocoin initiative. Each of the geocaches focused on Fundy's EcoIntegrity Project, a multi-year initiative to inspire park visitors to engage more often, and with greater commitment, in park learning opportunities and stewardship actions.

The five traditional geocaches are also compliant with the Parks Canada geocaching policy, and how it is interpreted within Fundy National Park.

Geocachers who complete all five traditional, using the passport are able to claim a limited edition geocoin not only at the event, but at the visitor centre during the season.

The event was held at the Chignecto South group campground in the winter shelter. The weather was typical for the month, wet and cold. After the meet & greet, a few words of welcome was given by the Park superintendent.

A number of activities were scheduled, including presentations and demo cache walkabouts. This allowed newcomers to learn more about geocaching while the more experienced cachers were on the trail. All 6 geocaches amounted to 23kms of hiking and between 6-9 hours to complete.

As the geocachers returned at the end of the afternoon, we learned that most were able to log 3 to 5 of the geocaches, leaving the most difficult hike for a later time. The fireplace inside the shelter provided a warm place to dry off as the geocachers came back from their hikes. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate & cookies were on hand (donated by the Fundy Guild).

Close the 40 geocachers returned for the closing of the event, and six lucky geocachers went home with a variety of prizes donated by ACGA, Fundy Guild and Fundy National Park. ACGA would like to thank Fundy National Park, the Fundy Guild for and  to ACGA members thecyr, Les 4 Frogs, dragonflys, mark & beth and Oceancloud for assisting in this event.


Geocaches Related to this partnership between ACGA and Fundy Naitonal Park are:


2008 Passport can be downloaded HERE or at the Visitor Centre. After completing all five geocaches, you can claim your geocoin also at the visitor centre. As of April 2, 2009 there are only 90 2008 (Year 1) geocoins remaining. Afterwhich these caches will no longer be part of the passport program.

Fundy National Park’s geocaches and the Fundy Geocoin are part of the Fundy EcoIntegrity Project which will create different ways for visitors to experience and connect with the nature of Fundy. We hope you have fun with this way!Geocoin were produced by 3geeks.ca

2008 EcoIntegrity Trackable geocoin in Silver2008 EcoIntegrity Trackable geocoin in Copper


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