Geocaching Policy - Halifax Water

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Halifax Water will be reviewing all the caches within the six main ‘Protected Water Areas’ (red lined areas - ). There are 98 Caches, ranging from 54 in Lake Major area, to none in Bennery Lake Area.
Pockwock Lake – 13 Caches
Lake Major – 54 Caches
Tomahawk Lake – 1 Cache
Bennery Lake – 0 Caches
Topsail/Lamont Lake – 4 Caches
Chain Lakes – 28 Caches

Halifax Water is in the process of reviewing each of the caches,and we expect most will be acceptable, however some will be asked to be removed. If you have a cache(s) in these areas, you will receive and email indicating the acceptable caches, and a request to remove the caches that that do not meet the guidelines.

Future Caches placed in Halifax Water Protected Areas will require approval from Halifax Water prior to their placement & publication. The Groundspeak volunteer reviews have agreed to work with Halifax Water on the approval for future caches. An approval process will be posted shortly.

Halifax Water Geocache Policy
Halifax Water manages approximately 14,000 hectares of watershed land in and around Halifax Regional Municipality. This land is managed using a multiple barrier approach that is comprised of a series of checks and balances designed to protect the high quality of existing water resources in the Halifax area. Halifax Water is experiencing more frequent geocaching activities on its watershed lands.

Halifax Water may allow low impact recreational use of watershed lands when conducted in compliance with Halifax Water policy and guidelines. The following guidelines have been developed in cooperation with the Atlantic Canada Geocaching Association. The goal of these guidelines is to facilitate safe and low-impact use of Halifax Water watershed lands by geocachers, while ensuring the protection of the quality of Halifax Water managed resources.

This policy will be posted on the Halifax Water Website or you can download it HERE.

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